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content creatION & MARKETING

I found my passion in storytelling and filmmaking. Most of my video's are inspired by nature, travel & adventure.

adventure & Travel

Fulltime living in my babyblue Iveco van, I'm traveling around exploring new places. I'd love to capture these places and show their their beauty in story driven video's.


Ever since I remember I have been chasing freedom. I share my experiences about defining life priorities and how to structure life in a way you actually feel alive!


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Most recent Youtube video

I create video's about chasing freedom, travel and filmmaking. I strive for a world that is Free, where everyone feels able to do what makes them come to life. True story driven video's, tutorials (and even some vlogs), I share what I learned about how to create a free life for yourself.



Hi! I'm Zef

I'd like to describe myself in a few way to trendy terms :)


- Freedom chaser

- Vanlifer

- Entrepreneur/business owner

- Filmmaker

- Marketing strategist

- Minimalist

- Wannabe stylisch surfer

- Since recently, proud dog owner!

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In the beginning of 2021 we started a professional Photo & Video production company to help you tell your story.
GO WANDER productions is a collaboration focused on Photo & Video productions for travel, lifestyle & branding!

check out my youtube channel

Off course it would be really appreciated if you hit subscribe. Cheers!

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